Conflict Management

If problems are pushed back and forth, then we are very likely to have a conflict.

There are conflicts that take you by the nerves, and there are conflicts that directly threaten existence. In the end, every conflict is solvable. The question is only with what effort and what are the problems following a bad solution. The natural reaction is to avoid a conflict. But with this, conflicts can develop their own momentum and can do great harm. Sometimes conflicts resolve themselves. But if they do not, then we have to ask ourselves the following questions:

  • Are all the facts on the table?
  • Do we know all the parties involved in the conflict?
  • Do we know their interests?
  • Have we considered the circumstances enough?
  • Do we recognize which level of escalation we are in?
  • Am I ready to sit down with the conflict partner at one table?
  • Have we decided on a strategy and are we prepared to pay the price for solving the problem?

Sometimes a full escalation of a conflict is a very expensive way and we would be better advised to preserve more valuable interests so that we can succeed in the long term. Either way: Manage your conflict before it manages you!