Who we are

Or better: why we exist

3Pro GmbH was founded in 2008 and has since continuously provided services around the world.

Born into the digital revolution, we have become digital nomads. No matter where we are, we always have our office with us. It is between 12 "and 23" in diameter and can be set up very quickly and efficiently anywhere, whether in Starbucks, on the Maldives or in Kathmandu.

But most of all, we love working with the customer. We go to him and want to listen and understand exactly. Only then can we recognize his needs and introduce him to the wonderful possibilities of IT.


We embody a new generation of business people. Cooperative leadership style, personal responsibility and team spirit characterize our business culture. We work because we live and the joy of my partner's success is the key to my success. Our dynamics come from our satisfaction with myself and my environment. We want to be tangible and understandable for our customers and for each other. We see ourselves as a partner and as a solution provider for many problems, regardless of their origin. A relaxed "togetherness" creates the space for sympathy and participation.
This culture should pleasantly surprise our customers and make us a competent partner and key to its business success. We are convinced of the idea of ​​"Servant Leadership".
All these are also reasons why the 3Pro GmbH is an extremely attractive employer.