Crises Intervention

Werden wir von Schicksalsschlägen überrascht und überrannt, so dass unsere eigenen Kapazitäten es uns nicht mehr erlauben, einen konstruktiven Überblick über die Situation zu erlangen, dann brauchen wir Hilfe von Dritten. Diese muss oft sehr rasch und unkompliziert erfolgen.

We can offer you one. We are ready to listen to you and go through difficult hours with you.

The following points are important to us:

  • Get an overview of what's going on.
  • Stabilize the situation as far as possible.
  • Neutralize further hazards.
  • Do not make unnecessary quick and ill-considered decisions.
  • Order the influencing factors and request further professional help if necessary.

Crisis intervention always happens immediately. It is therefore limited in time.

You can reach us with this number:

Please call us and speak your message to the phone responder. We will call you back as soon as possible.